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Pasqua processions, Holy week Easter processions in Sicily

Devoted. Italians take their Christian faith very seriously. And they show it in public.

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Amsterdam Nightscapes

Amsterdam NightscapesLong shutter speeds to capture those peaceful moments before sunrise when the city is still asleep…

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Istanbul – East Meets West

Istanbul - East Meets WestIstanbul’s soul doesn’t quite belong to the Middle East, but it is also not a western city. It has a distinct European feel to it, including the shameless riches of a rapidly growing economy. Well on its way to become a world metropolis, it still has to find its new feet as the former support pillars of religious conservatism are gradually being eroded.

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Easter Passion – Sicily

Easter Passion - SicilyThe Catholic church goes strong in Italy, and particularly in Sicily. To mark Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, each town puts on grand celebrations by parading large religious icons through the streets, accompanied by melancholy brass music. These procession may go on for hours and every town has its own agenda. Trapani holds the record for the most arduous procession, lasting a full 24 hours.

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ParisA weekend away in the city of love, tourists and too many mediocre restaurants.

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VeniceBad food, touristy, smelly and fantastically beautiful.

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