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Sri Lanka – Slightly Chilled

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Oh island in the sun… nonsense. A steady low pressure area over the Gulf of Bengal drenched us to our pants as we were trekking the tea country in the Highlands of Sri Lanka. Global climate whatsit. But the fact that Sri Lanka is slightly chilled is nothing to do with climate stuff.

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Easter Passion – Sicily

Easter Passion - SicilyThe Catholic church goes strong in Italy, and particularly in Sicily. To mark Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, each town puts on grand celebrations by parading large religious icons through the streets, accompanied by melancholy brass music. These procession may go on for hours and every town has its own agenda. Trapani holds the record for the most arduous procession, lasting a full 24 hours.

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Cuba – Viva La Revolucion!

CubaVisually speaking, Cuba is a very unique place. The mix of Caribbean lifestyle, communism with its characteristic crumbling infrastructure and American vintage cars is really quite something that is completely unique and can only be found in this combination here. Oh, and not to forget the puffing of huge rolled-up tobacco leaves in the form of cigars. It seems every good Cuban must smoke these. And then there is the Cuban messiah, Che Guevarra. Elevated to god-like status in the otherwise empty pantheon of communist gods, he provides quasi-religious dogma and political doctrine at the same time. This winning combination acts like a glue on society and helps to govern them under the communist regime. Not to forget the fight against the big enemy in the north, the USA, which distracts from internal problems and directs aggressions towards external entities.

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