Frank Röhrig Photography

My name is Frank Röhrig. I am originally from Germany but I haven’t lived there for 25 years. I worked in a variety of weird and wonderful jobs including civil engineering surveyor, care worker for the elderly, car transfer driver, office clerk and jack-of-all-trades in farming wholesaling, even as an intensive care hospital nurse. I also have a degree but I never worked in the field I studied.

I always liked photos, art and pictures in general. I started with a Ricoh 10e in the late 80s and did my own b&w development to save costs. Back then there were only prints, slides and negatives. Funny how times change. Over the years photography became a much more complex exercise than pointing the camera and pressing the button. It became real-life stories with real people. It is a privilege to be allowed into people’s private lives and to share and record their experiences first-hand as they happen. This has been a great education for me.

I have some projects going at the moment. I hope to complete a multimedia piece on a transgender person in India soon, corona allowing, and I am collecting material for something larger. Let’s see where that takes me. There are so many stories to tell out there. Finding them is the tricky bit.